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We are currently offering Flat Rate* repair with FREE shipping and FREE software update on:


Williams WPC CPU $110.0
Williams WPC Driver $110.0
Williams WPC95  CPU $130.0
Williams WPC95 Driver $120.0
Williams System 11 CPU $120.0
Williams System 9 CPU $110.0
Stern White Star CPU $120.0
Stern White Star Driver $120.0
Dataeast System 1,2 or 3 $120.0
Gottlieb System 3 CPU $120.0
Gottlieb System 3 Display controller $110.0


* To qualify on the flat Rate repair program your PCB must be complete in reparable condition with customs chip in working order and without (or little) acid damage. If your board doesn't meet this condition we can still repair it but additional charges will apply.

Please call us or e-mail us with the name of your game, manufacturer, and a description of the problem(s) you need serviced, and we'll give you additional information.

Also we can update you game to the lattes revision in software or even put some especial software like:

Game Revision
Addams Family Gold Home version 3
Attack From Mars L1.13H
Medieval Madness L1.09H
Monster Bash L1.06
South Park Profanity Version .90
Twilight zone Home version 9.4H