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* We are specialist in Circuit board repair. From Black and White to the latest surface mount technologies.

* We can also reprogram a new hard drive for you game like:

Area51 Atari
Area51 Site 4 Atari
Area51 Maximum force Atari
Big Buck Hunter Incredible Technologies
Blitz Midway
Blitz 99 Midway
Blitz 2K Gold Midway
Blitz 99 NBA combo Midway
Blitz 2k NBA combo (Sport Station) Midway
California Speed Atari
Carnevil Midway
Carnival King Incredible Technologies
Fast Draw
Gauntlet Legends 3D Atari
Gauntlet Dark Legacy Atari
GT2002 Global Touch
GT2004 Global Touch
Golden Tee Fore Incredible Technologies
Golden Tee Fore 2002 Incredible Technologies
Golden Tee Fore 2004 Incredible Technologies
Golden Tee Fore 2005 Incredible Technologies
Infinity Midway
Judge Dread Acclaim
Killer Instinct I Midway
Mace Atari
Maximum force Atari
Megatouch XL Super 5000 Merit
Megatouch XL 6000 Merit
Megatouch MAXX 2K Merit
Megatouch MAXX 2Diamond Merit
Megatouch MAXX EMERALD Merit
Megatouch MAXX Ruby Merit
NBA Showtime Gold
Road Burner Atari
Rush The Rock Atari
Rush 2049 Atari
San Francisco Rush Atari
Skins Game Midway
Slide It
Stepping Stage III
Vapor TRX Atari
War Midway
More coming soon Last Update April 2 2005


* You can also request programmed EPROMs, PROMs  GALs and PALs from us  . I'll Post a list of the most popular but not a full list (Probably 20 Gig Bytes).

Some of those are:

  • Ms pacman speed up.

  • Galaga fast shooting.

  • Upright/ Cocktail table chip set for Tetris.

  • Etc.

If you need a particular one Drop us a Email.

* We don't  sale the information in the Hard drives or Chips. Our fees is for the components plus the labor.We don't send files of any kind to anyone. That's unlawful so MAME guys do not ask!.